Wire Hoists

Wire Hoists for Hire

Our wire hoists are designed for scaffolders, roofers, carpenters, decorators, etc to lift materials on site. We offer different designs, load capacities and hoisting speeds as well as specifically developed load carrying devices make the compact lifts reliable and versatile helpers on the building site. Whether you need to lift bulky scaffolding elements, loaded buckets or other building materials, wire rope lifts are safe, energy-saving and efficient material transportation at the touch of a button.

Geda Inclined Elevator


Elevator Goods Wire Hoist

Reach Height - 20m

Power - 110v. 1.1kw 50hz

Lifting Capacity - 150kg

Reference Code: GH19



Scaffolding Hoist

Reach Height - 25m

Power - 110v. 14a 50hz

Lifting Capacity - 200kg

Reference Code: GH25

IMER Builders Gantry Hoist


Electric Gantry Hoist