GH100ZZP Hoist
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Featured Model: GEDA 850Z/ZP

Machine Type: Hoist

The 850Z/ZP Geda hoist can be used as a goods and passenger lift for loads up to 500kg, or as an 850kg goods hoist for lifting equipment only.

A vertical rack and pinion electric hoist, the Geda 850 ZZP can be wall-mounted or attached directly to scaffolding. Electric hoist rental with Rapid Platforms includes a full erect and strike service. The 500kg Geda can be delivered on its own trailer, minimising the requirement for crane equipment.

This Geda hoist offers a simple and good-value transport system for lifting gear and equipment up to a maximum height of 100 metres.


Max Height 100m
Lifting Capacity i) 500kg ii) 850kgkg
Lift Speed i) 12m/min ii) 24m/min
Cage Dimensions 1.40 x 1.70
Power ELECTRIC 400v. 13.8amps 50hz
Person Capacity 5

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Key Characteristics

ELECTRIC 400v. 13.8amps 50hz