GH19 Hoist
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Featured Model: Geda Inclined Elevator

Machine Type: Hoist

The Inclined Elevator ladder hoist by Geda is designed to lift equipment for roof and building work at height.

These angled electric hoists can lift goods and materials up to 150kg (dependant on configuration). Inclined elevator accessories are available for hoist hires to help with difficult materials. This includes sheet carriers and tipping skips which can be supplied if requested.

Rapid Platforms hoist rental includes installation, dismantling and the neccessary documentation for daily inspections.


Max Height 19m
Lifting Capacity 150kg
Lift Speed 27m/min
Cage Dimensions N/A
Power ELECTRIC 110v. 1.1kw 50hz
Person Capacity N/A

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Key Characteristics

ELECTRIC 110v. 1.1kw 50hz