Three benefits of using a cherry picker

Three benefits of using a cherry picker

A cherry picker, also known as an elevated platform can solve a whole multitude of head-scratching conundrums, from sign placement to gutter clearance, and decoration management to bulb changing. Mounted on the back of a vehicle, cherry pickers can be extremely useful in a wide range of environments. 

If you’ve ever had that slight doubt as you extend your biggest ladders, or questioned whether you’d be able to get your 40ft high DIY sign placement past the Health and Safety manager, our guess is there will be a few times when you’ve played fast and loose with the rules. However, with Rapid Platforms’ rental and purchase options on a variety of cherry picker models, that lingering doubt is dispelled before it even settles in. And if you’re picturing an enormous vehicle-mounted arm, or a transformer-esque robot, think again. Our cherry pickers are ideal for big and small, outdoor and indoor jobs, as well as those that require lots of adjustments. You’ll be amazed at what you can do and where you can reach!

So why choose a Rapid Platforms cherry picker?

Mobility, adaptability, versatility

The London Palladium needs no introduction, as one of the UK’s best-known theatres, it is busy year-round. And, like your business, it needs to stay open for as long as possible. The versatility and adaptability of our powered spider access platforms came into their own when the team at the Palladium needed to check out the ornate plastering inside the theatre. Rather than putting up a series of ladders to check each area, before taking them down and repeating this process around the site, they were able to scour the whole majestically-decorated ceiling in one sweep, saving time, money and effort in the process. Minimal setup and takedown times meant the whole job was completed in a fraction of the normal time. And that’s an outcome every business wants.

The tightest spaces

Perhaps less of a household name, but equally sensitive to closure, was the Cambridge Theatre. Needing urgent survey work on its high ceilings, its quaint narrow corridors offered almost no scope for large scale machines to get in, while ladders and scaffolding were similarly discounted. Up stepped the CTE T230 tracked spider, with its nimble dimensions helping the team to carry out all of the work in just one day, meaning the theatre suffered no closure, no disruption and no loss of revenue at the box office whatsoever.

Reach for the sky

When you are dealing with listed buildings, there is no scope for mistakes, clumsy slips or errors when putting up structures or scaling ladders. When the workspace sits atop a 300-year old Grade One listed building, accuracy and reach is key. Luckily, English Heritage recognised this and called in our 32 metre truck mount to quickly and efficiently access one of the nation's most architecturally important monuments.

Whilst we have many happy customers who have demonstrated that our machinery can help them in a multitude of ways, our full range provides attractive and simple solutions for small spaces too - including platforms to help with office maintenance, or rugged off-road machines capable of going where others can’t. Rapid Platforms can also help equip your team with skills, knowledge and peace of mind - from training courses in using equipment to servicing and maintenance. Contact us today for more information.