Investing in spare access equipment to increase profits

Investing in spare access equipment to increase profits

Do you run a small business that requires your employees to work at height? If so, you may already own a small number of cherry pickers or other pieces of mechanised access equipment. However, you probably only have enough equipment to cover your business’s basic needs and don’t keep any spare access machinery. Here at Rapid Platforms, we believe that, if you can afford it, you should consider investing in spare access platforms for your business. There are two reasons why investing in back-up access machinery is a good idea, as we’ll demonstrate in today’s blog.

1. Coping with break-downs

If your business regularly carries out work at height, it is absolutely dependent on functioning access machinery. In other words, if a piece of access equipment breaks down and you don’t have a spare, you won’t be able to carry out any work until it is fixed. Investing in back-up access equipment is, therefore, a sensible precaution. Having spare access platforms enables your business to carry on operating, even if one of your main pieces of access equipment fails. Simply investing in more access equipment than you need to cover your business’s basic needs can ultimately protect your profits.

2. Making service and maintenance more efficient

All pieces of access equipment need to be serviced and maintained regularly. If your business’s services are constantly in demand, it can be hard to schedule periods of maintenance. After all, carrying out maintenance on your access equipment can take it out of service for a short time. You may even find that servicing your access equipment can prevent you from taking on profitable work. Investing in spare pieces of access equipment can help immeasurably in this regard. You can substitute your regular equipment for back-up equipment whenever the former needs to be serviced or maintained.

If you need to invest in spare access equipment, we can help. We offer cherry pickers, hoists and other forms of access machinery. We can also help by repairing broken equipment and carrying out maintenance on operational equipment. Whatever you need, feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience.