Why you should have your cherry pickers and access platforms serviced regularly

Why you should have your cherry pickers and access platforms serviced regularly

Access platforms and cherry pickers are usually very sturdy, reliable machines. They are used to lift people to great heights in a variety of work environments, so it’s important that they are built to be safe and reliable. However, these machines still need servicing on a regular basis. Even the most reliable cherry picker needs to be supported through a regular service. There are three key reasons for this:

1. Safety

An unserviced access platform is an unsafe access platform. Even a tough machine can break or malfunction, and it can be disastrous if someone is standing on it when that happens. If a crucial component breaks, the platform may become unstable or the user may fall off. To keep you and other users safe, it’s important to look after your cherry picker with regular services. If you are an employer and your workers regularly use your access platforms and cherry pickers, it is particularly important that you have them serviced. After all, you don’t want any injury to befall the people who make your business possible.

2. Break-down avoidance

A cherry picker or access platform that hasn’t been serviced properly may break down and leave the user stranded high in the air. This is unpleasant and embarrassing (which is bad enough), but it’s also costly. Fixing a broken-down cherry picker can be much more costly than having it serviced regularly. Servicing is the best way to avoid unexpected breakdowns and the repair costs that they precipitate.

3. Compliance

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations of 1998 clearly state that all access platforms and cherry pickers need to be serviced regularly. Servicing your cherry pickers doesn’t just protect you and your workers or reduce the risk of break-downs, it also ensures that you are compliant with the law. Failure to follow the regulations can have legal repercussions, so have your lifting equipment serviced and don’t get caught out!

As you can see, servicing your lifting equipment is vital. Luckily, it’s also fairly straight-forward and affordable. There are plenty of outlets that offer access platform servicing, including us. If you do choose us to service your platforms, we can promise you cost-effectiveness and impeccable quality. Servicing your machines will keep you safe, cut the number of break-downs you have to deal with and ensure that you are compliant with current laws.