Should I hire or buy an access platform?

Should I hire or buy an access platform?

To hire or to buy - this is one of the biggest questions we hear on a regular basis from customers who require the use of access platforms. There are pros and cons to both hiring and buying, but the decision you make will usually depend on your business type, premises, budget and the frequency you tend to use access platforms.

The benefits of hiring access platforms

Many of our clients prefer to hire access platforms because it is a more cost effective solution for them. Purchasing this type of equipment is an investment, and something that many small business can't afford, particularly if they only require access platforms on an occasional, ad hoc basis. Plus, hiring means that you don't have to find space to store the platform when not in use. For businesses with limited secure storage space, it is simply not practical to invest in a large piece of equipment that will take up valuable space whilst being used infrequently.

Another reason so many of our clients prefer to hire our access platforms is that they don't have to worry about ongoing maintenance of the equipment. They don't have to pay for regular servicing since we keep all of our rental access platforms in excellent working condition, and if anything does go wrong during a hire period, they know that we'll send out one of our experienced engineers to fix it or provide them with a replacement platform.

The benefits of buying access platforms

We have found that many clients who hire access platforms from us on a regular basis often end up investing in a platform eventually in order to save money on rental fees. For businesses which require the use of access platforms on a very regular basis, buying is often a more cost effective option even when taking into account servicing and maintenance costs.

Another great benefit of buying is that you will have access to the platform whenever you may need it. When hiring, you may be restricted to availability of rental equipment and will need to plan ahead to ensure that you have an access platform available when working at height. Owning an access platform gives you much more flexibility and means that you don't have to delay tasks when waiting on the arrival of a hired machine.

For more advice on whether you should hire or buy an access platform, call 01279 501501, and our experienced team will give you all the information you need to make the right decision.