Why you may need to hire or buy a cherry picker

Why you may need to hire or buy a cherry picker

Cherry pickers have a number of uses and are invaluable to many engineering and construction businesses around the world. 

Although they were originally designed for fruit picking in orchards, cherry pickers have become one of the most versatile pieces of equipment and now allow people in all kinds of environments to carry out jobs above ground level in safety and security.

Before you hire or buy a cherry picker, here are some of the jobs you can carry out with one of Rapid Platforms' high quality machines:

Telephone and electricity pole servicing

Cherry pickers are a safer and more efficient alternative to ladders for the highly skilled individuals whose job it is to repair and maintain the thousands of miles of telephone and electricity poles around the world.

Fire fighting

Not only are cherry pickers to thank for keeping people safe when they are required to work at height, but they also help those who bravely risk their lives to help others. Cherry pickers have become an integral part of fire fighting. The versatile machine allows for multiple rescue operations to take place at the same time and also allows firemen to bring people to safety from upper floors of a building, instead of having to carry those needing help over their shoulder.


Cherry pickers allow for those filming events on television to get high angles and stunning swooping shots. Whether it's a large music festival or sporting competition, the use of a cherry picker can improve how we see the event on our screens.

Building maintenance

Whether it's cleaning or painting at height, those who have been tasked with the job often have to work at awkward angles. Ladders may have always been seen as a sufficient tool for the job, but a cherry picker gives you more mobility, security and safety when maintaining a building. 

Picking fruit

Although cherry pickers have been adapted to many purposes, they were originally invented for picking cherries. Since the invention of the cherry picker, there is no longer a big risk of fruit pickers falling from height or dropping the fruit they've picked.