Do I need a PAL card?

Do I need a PAL card?

The PAL (Powered Access Licence) card is globally recognised by relevant industries as ultimate proof of professional access platform operator training. The card is issued by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), one of the most established and respected governing bodies in the sector, to individuals who have successfully completed a training course at an IPAF-approved training centre

The PAL card is a form of licence indicating what machines the holder is qualified to operate and is valid for a period of five years. The card can be added to throughout those years with additional machines and is easily renewed with a short course when the time comes. 

A PAL card demonstrates that the holder has been trained to work correctly at height. It is therefore useful for workers in a variety of roles - anyone who may need to utilise access platforms with any regularity, including construction workers, painters, decorators, electricians, tree surgeons, linesmen, sign makers and many others. Training courses often take only a couple of days and are relatively inexpensive, particularly when booked by an employer for multiple trainees. 

Unlike the average paper certificate, PAL cards are resistant to fraudulent use, bearing the holder’s photograph and signature, and equally difficult to counterfeit, due to the holographic logo. This means your hard work in passing the course can be used to benefit only one person, and that’s you. 

Adding strength to the PAL card is the accompanying logbook, a chance for you to record your machine usage and experience for anyone to see. Used with care, the logbook can enhance your CV and future job prospects, particularly if you ensure that your records are signed off by an employer, site manager or supervisor each time you want to make an entry. The professional input is a great endorsement of your activities. 

Whilst not a legal requirement for employees, a PAL card and logbook on your CV will immediately make you more attractive to potential employees and may even enhance your chances of promotion. If you’re interested, contact us today to discuss our training courses.