Why should you get a PASMA certification?

Why should you get a PASMA certification?

PASMA (Pre-fabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association) is the recognised training body for the use of PASMA Tower Equipment and Mobile Aluminium Scaffold Towers. PASMA certification is regarded by many industry experts as the benchmark for tower erection training, with employers often advised to have at least half their workforce trained to reduce risk and make operations more efficient. PASMA training courses benefit not only those who are using the towers but also those who are responsible for them on their sites or in their company. Once qualified, an individual has evidence of their competency and an employer can be truly confident in the ability of their staff. 

Achieving PASMA certification is straightforward, and only takes a few hours, often in the form of a one day training course. Accredited trainers like Rapid Platform are skilled at guiding trainees through the modules with the specific aim of understanding and passing the course. Successful candidates receive proof of their qualification in the form of a PASMA card and PASMA certificate identifying the course completed.

Once qualified, the holder of a PASMA certificate is likely to find that they have many more employment opportunities, as many companies already advertise roles which require this in the job description, and others will favour a candidate holding this qualification over other applicants, all else being equal. A holder of a PASMA certificate has a recognisable level of skill and knowledge, and knows how to work safely and effectively in their job - exactly what a prospective employer is looking for. 

For employers, a PASMA qualified workforce is a well-trained, knowledgeable, safety conscious and efficient workforce. This ensures the employer is legally compliant with legislation requiring them to provide staff with adequate instruction, training and supervision for health and safety purposes and reduces the risk of a workplace incidence. 

For a relatively small investment of time and money, you can give your career or your business a real boost. Get evidence of the skills and experience in your organisation, for you or your workforce, and book your PASMA training course today. Contact us to discuss your requirements.