How can an IPAF certification benefit you?

How can an IPAF certification benefit you?

IPAF is the International Powered Access Federation, an operative record scheme recognised by Build UK and other sites, across the UK and internationally; and the certification training organised by IPAF for scissor lifts and cherry pickers is delivered by approved training centres, usually rental members and manufacturer members of IPAF.

The certification takes you through both theory and practical classes, giving you a good grounding in health and safety, use of the machinery and best practices.

When you pass your training, you are given a PAL (Powered Access Licence) Card, a log book, a safety guide and a certificate.

Why take the training course?

1. Each training centre is regularly audited by IPAF and they receive updates on a regular basis so every time you take the course, you will get access to the latest safety training.

2. You will be part of a small class which gives you as much chance as possible to absorb the material, and practical, hands-on experience of using the equipment.

3. Your PAL Card is recognised internationally to ISO 18878:2004 and proves that you’ve taken and passed the IPAF course, so it doesn’t just give you access to sites and jobs here in the UK. You really can take this anywhere and find work.

4. The PAL Card is valid for five years, so you don’t have to keep coming back and paying out for courses every year, as long as you have a valid card.

5. Once you have your PAL card, you can add new categories to it, so if you pass a course on a new machine, it can easily be added to your card to prove that you are continuously learning.

6. You have a duty to be familiar with any contracting legislation no matter where you work, IPAF and your training centre will be able to help you with this.

7. Employers are responsible for giving their employees adequate training on any machinery they operate so whether you’re an employer or a sole trader, this course is a great way to cover you and your employees.

8. We know we don’t need to say it, but training really does save lives, not only the operator’s but also anyone near the equipment.

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