What access platform do you need?

What access platform do you need?

Access platforms enable you to safely carry out any work that needs to be undertaken at height, whether that be maintenance, cleaning, repairs or something else entirely. Yet with so many different types of access platform available, you might not be sure which machine is best to use. Here's a short guide to the different access platforms available, and the type of work they are most suitable for.

Scissor lift

Scissor lifts raise and lower passengers so they can carry out work on a vertical scale. They offer a secure alternative to using ladders or scaffolding towers, as four wheels and outriggers anchor them to the ground, and the cage offers plenty of room for passengers to manoeuvre. They can be used indoors or outdoors, in narrow access areas and on rough terrain, whether you are in a warehouse, cleaning windows or fixing something that is mounted high up.

Cherry picker

Cherry pickers are a type of crane with a passenger platform on the end that can be extended to reach great heights. There are several types, including operated truck mount platforms, self drive truck platforms, spider access platforms, tracked spider lifts, rough terrain access platforms and towable cherry pickers, which can be used for all manner of purposes. They are useful for accessing hard to reach areas that other platforms can't get to. Whether you need to carry out installation work on the outside of a building, or touch up paintwork on the ceiling of a tall room, there will be a cherry picker that is suitable.

Electric hoists

Electric hoists vertically lift and lower equipment and passengers, and are generally operated via a switch. They are commonly seen on scaffolding because they can easily transport builders and their equipment up and down across several storeys, but they can be used in a number of settings, including warehouses.

Work platforms

Ideal for indoor work, mobile work platforms, towers, podiums and other such access platforms enable low level maintenance and repair work to be carried out at height. They are perfect for offices, retail establishments, schools and a number of other workplaces.

Whatever the type of access platform you need, Rapid Platforms will have a machine to suit your requirements. Get in touch today to find out more about the vast range of equipment we have for sale and hire.