The advantages of hiring equipment

The advantages of hiring equipment

When you’ve got a project on that requires an electric hoist or a powered access platform, you’ll obviously have a couple of options if you don’t already own one: either to buy one, or to hire one. Both have their advantages, but hiring a piece of equipment, or even more than one, does have some added flexibility.

1. You can hire the equipment for as long or short a time as the job lasts, and hire exactly what you need for each job, even if it’s totally specialist equipment that you wouldn’t normally use. Hire it for a day, a week, or more - whatever length you require.

2. There’s no need to find room to store hired equipment for the long term. Just hire it for your project, then send it back when you’re done, saving room and the expense of having to hire somewhere to store it if you don’t have the space at your business premises, or the inconvenience of having to clear out space at your place of work to make room for a new piece of machinery.

3. Rapid Platforms can supply the equipment and the fully-trained staff to operate it, so you don’t need to have any time away from your business for a training course. You can simply get straight onto your project and get it done. Or, if you want to invest in skills for yourself and your staff that will last a lifetime, Rapid can provide training so you can use the equipment yourself, without having to hire anyone.

4. There’s less up-front expense when you’re hiring equipment rather than buying it, and if you’re on a budget, hiring is a great way to get projects done and some cash in the bank, before you think about buying your own equipment down the road.

5. If you’re hiring equipment on a very long-term basis, we will do routine inspections of the equipment for free. You don’t have to spend the time or the money on general maintenance, as each piece of machinery hired from us is supported by Rapid’s team of CAP certified mobile engineers.

For a wide range of expertly maintained hiring equipment, from Scissor Lifts to Operated Truck Mount Platforms, check out our products here and select the best choice for your project, short or long-term, today.