IPAF and PASMA training - what it is and why you need it

IPAF and PASMA training - what it is and why you need it

Working at height remains one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries. The good news is that if you're working with cherry pickers, hoists or any type of access platform, there are straightforward ways to safeguard yourself against accident and injury. The first is to use equipment that's in good condition and comes from a reputable source. The second is to make sure you're competent to do the job, and the best way to do so is to get the proper training.

As a fully accredited training centre for both the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and Prefabricated Access Suppliers' and Manufacturers' Association (PASMA), Rapid Platforms can offer IPAF MEWP/cherry picker training at operator, demonstrator and instructor levels, and PASMA training on the use of mobile scaffold tower equipment.

Why you need IPAF training

If you're a decorator, painter or electrician, you may be required to work at height. Rapid Platforms' IPAF training allows you to use platform equipment safely and efficiently whilst learning a valuable new skill, and ensures that your employer complies with all legal obligations around health and safety concerning working at height. 

Successful completion of the IPAF training entitles you to carry the PAL card, valid for five years, which demonstrates your ability to work with platforms at height correctly and safely. It's a valuable asset for your workforce that has widespread recognition as an industry training benchmark.

Why you need PASMA training 

Rapid Platforms offers PASMA training at user and management level. Over 60,000 people a year undertake the user level course aimed at personnel assembling, dismantling, moving and inspecting access towers. The one day managers' course is a 'must do' for anyone overseeing the work of on-site operatives, enabling you to ensure that any work involving access towers is properly planned and managed. You will also learn to assess that operatives are competent and properly trained. Successful candidates receive the PASMA certificate and card, valid for five years. 

Working at height can be satisfying as long as you equip yourself with the right knowledge, skills, and training for the job.