Things to consider when hiring access platforms

Things to consider when hiring access platforms

There are plenty of reasons you might need to hire a cherry picker or access platforms – from construction and renovation to fruit-picking and art projects, there’s always a situation which requires convenient and easy access to heights or areas which are cumbersome or otherwise unattainable via ladder.

However, by asking yourself a few simple questions before contacting Rapid Platforms, you’ll save time and be more likely to hire the right unit for the job. Access platforms come in a variety of shapes and sizes and different types have different applications – so it makes sense to do a little bit of research before committing to hiring a cherry picker.

What access platform do I need?

Cherry pickers are a fantastic alternative to using a dangerously positioned ladder or erecting scaffolding. Putting up scaffolds can be a time consuming task and is only really recommended if you’re undertaking a long-term task such as plastering or dashing an exterior wall. 

For everything else, a cherry picker makes sense, and choosing a suitably-sized vehicle will make the job even easier – for example, if you’re replacing a shop front fascia, it’s unlikely that you’re going to require a boom lift with a 50 ft reach capability, but you might need a larger unit for replacing guttering on the second storey of a home. Consider the complexity of the job you’re tasked with – in many instances, there will be specific access platforms manufactured with the role in mind.

Low level access jobs

If your task requires elevation of anywhere between five and 25 feet, a standard scissor lift is likely to be the best option for the job. Typical jobs at this level include installation of signage, window cleaning, painting, cleaning guttering, installing satellite dishes and general building maintenance. Scissor lifts are perfect for giving a little bit of extra height whilst making it comfortable for you to work.

Medium level access jobs

If you’re needing a little bit more height in order to perform your task, a cherry picker makes sense. You might want to consider taking one or more training courses in order to allow you to operate larger cherry pickers yourself.

High level access

For projects which require you to work at very large heights (for example, if you are maintaining high-rise office buildings or power lines), a Super Boom Lift might be the most suitable model for the job. However, before you can legally operate a Super Boom Lift you must obtain an IPAF licence, and you may need specific insurance for the duration of the project. 

Rapid Platforms offers IPAF and PASMA training courses, which means you can undertake some cherry picker training to ensure you’re competent and qualified to operate the machinery before committing to hiring it. For further information, simply contact us and our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help.