Top 4 uses for a cherry picker

Top 4 uses for a cherry picker

The cherry picker is one of the most diverse pieces within the construction and engineering world. Originally designed to be used to pick fruit in orchards, this versatile machine is as great at fixing telegraph poles as it is at picking from a tree. This piece of equipment is mainly used for tasks at a height, and it is often a safer and more secure way of doing these tasks. Its top 4 uses are as follows, and vary hugely.

1. Building maintenance 

When a building needs to be cleaned, painted or repaired at height, a cherry picker is better than a ladder. A cherry picker will give you security and safety whilst moving around the building and handling the equipment needed.

2. Telephone and electricity pole servicing

The maintenance of telephone and electricity poles is a vital job around the world, and it takes a skilled individual to repair and keep them in shape. A cherry picker is a regularly used piece of equipment to the daily return of these skilled workers, to ensure they can safely reach the high area they need to access. Although ladders were previously used, now most employers and companies would deem this too dangerous and risky.

3. Filming events

Anyone who watches TV from lavish dramas to exciting sport events notices swooping landscape shots and high camera angles that catch every view of the proceedings. A cherry picker allows cameras and other filming equipment to be mounted at soaring heights to give the audience another dimension.

4. Fire services

Fire officers risk their lives every day to selflessly help others, and they are assisted by the cherry picker. A cherry picker allows multiple operations and rescues to happen at the same time. It also stops fire officers from having to lift those who need assistance over their shoulders when helping them to the ground.

All these tasks have been made significantly quicker, safer and more efficient due to the use of a cherry picker. While general health and safety, operating the machinery, controlling the equipment in an emergency, and the limitations of usage must be covered before aptitude to operate the machine is gained, contact Rapid Platforms today to see how we can help supply you with a cherry picker - whatever the task at hand.