Three reasons your employees need IPAF training

Three reasons your employees need IPAF training

Have you have recently started a business that utilises cherry pickers or other access platforms? If so, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of proper training. Your employees should be fully trained in the use of access platforms before being allowed to operate them professionally. You may think that giving your staff basic, in-house training is sufficient. In reality, however, it is imperative that you provide your staff with an accredited IPAF training course. But why is this so important?

1. Complying with the law

While some smaller cherry pickers can be legally operated without a special license, the vast majority of pickers and access platforms can only be used by people with the right accreditation. Certificates from IPAF courses are the most widely-recognised, meaning that completing one of these courses will allow your employees to operate any access platform. Even if you intend to use smaller cherry pickers that don’t require licenses, it is still legally advisable to have your employees complete an IPAF course anyway. The course will teach them how to comply with all the relevant regulations when operating a cherry picker or access platform, thereby ensuring that they have the knowledge required to remain within the law.

2. Recognising problems

Completing an IPAF training course will give your employees the chance to become familiar with cherry pickers and access platforms. This means that they will be able to tell whether their platforms are working properly or not when using them professionally. They are more likely to spot problems before they become hazardous. This can drastically minimise some of the risks associated with working at height.

3. Gaining experience

Training courses are the best way for employees to build up their experience with access platforms before having to use them independently. Giving an employee the chance to build up their experience will make them a better access platform operator and ensure that they can do their job more efficiently and safely.

Here at Rapid Platforms, we are fully accredited providers of IPAF training courses (in addition to PASMA training courses). If you need to ensure that your staff are qualified to operate cherry pickers and access platforms, contact us today. If you’d like to know more about what IPAF is, you can read our previous blog on the subject ‘Introducing PASMA and IPAF’.