Why access machinery is superior to more old-fashioned access solutions

Why access machinery is superior to more old-fashioned access solutions

Access platforms and similar devices (such as cherry pickers and hoists) are fantastic if you or your employees need to carry out work at height. However, there are other options, such as scaffolding and ladders. Nonetheless, we at Rapid Platforms believe that access platforms and other types of access machinery are superior to scaffolding, ladders and similar, old-fashioned access solutions for working at height. In the vast majority of cases, we believe you should opt to hire or invest in access machinery instead of choosing a more traditional solution. But why are access platforms the best option for working at height?

1. Access machinery is safer

Ladders and scaffolding can be knocked or simply fall over, as they aren’t always very stable or reliable. Obviously, this is dangerous for anyone using the ladder or scaffold. However, it’s also dangerous for people or property that happen to be standing near the ladder or scaffold when it topples. In contrast, access machinery is very stable, so it won’t fall over and can’t easily be knocked over. If you want to carry out work at height safely, opt for a piece of access machinery such as a cherry picker.

2. Access machinery can accommodate heavier loads

You may need to use bulky equipment when working at height. Unfortunately, ladders and scaffolding may not be able to hold much heavy equipment. What’s more, getting equipment to the top of a ladder or scaffold can be tricky and dangerous. However, access machinery can hold a reasonably large amount of equipment and transport it to whatever height you require with ease. Of course, even access platforms and other pieces of machinery have weight limits. However, they can usually cope with significantly heavier loads than traditional access solutions.

3. Access machinery is adjustable

Ladders and scaffolds are structurally rigid. Once they have been set up, you can’t adjust how high they reach. This isn’t the case with access machinery, which can be raised or lowered at will for your convenience.

Access platforms, cherry pickers, hoists and similar pieces of machinery are far more reliable, versatile and useful than their traditional counterparts. If you’re interested in hiring or investing in them, contact us today.