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2000kg Electric Geda 1500ZZP

Machine Type: Goods Hoist

Rapid Hoists are a national service provider for construction hoists available across the UK, Offering one of the newest fleets in the UK along with its program of investment means we can rapidly respond to any of your needs.

The transport platform Geda 1500 ZZP is a hoist for materials with load bearing capacity of 2,000kg (goods only) and a transport platform for both material and persons.

In contrast to ordinary material hoists which only transport material, this hoist may transport up to 7 people in addition to goods as soon as it has been switched to operating mode transport platform.


Reach Height 100m
Power 6.1kw 400v 50hz 32a 3 Phase
Lifting Capacity 2000kg
Platform Dimension 3.30 x 1.45
Internal Reference Code PG1500P7