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Reach Heights 19.00m - 100.00m

Our construction hoists can be attached to the scaffolding or fixed directly to the building. We offer a full erect and strike service by our NVQ qualified erectors who all carry CSCS cards. All hoisting operations are completed in accordance with current regulations.

A construction hoist is the safest, fastest and easiest way to transport passengers and/or goods vertically.

The hoist cage/platform is driven by a geared single or three phase brake motor depending on the safe working load of the hoist. The geared motor drives a pinion acting on the mast rack to move the hoist cage in the desired direction. In addition to the drive motors there is an independent 'safety device' that will activate should the hoist cage exceed its rated travel speed in a downward direction. This brings the hoist cage/platform to a safe and controlled stop within three metres of operation.

Hoist cages/platforms can be supplied by Rapid Hoists in a variety of sizes and payload between 200kg-2000kg. With access to the cage available from two or three sides, our hoists can be configured to suit most applications in the construction industry.

Different drive technologies and control systems are available to suit the intended use of the hoist and provide a reliable and efficient solution for your hoisting needs.

Passenger hoists are usually operated from inside the cage and goods only hoists are usually operated from ground level by ground enclosure controls or handsets

Construction hoists are the safest, fastest and easiest way of lifting and lowering heavy loads and passengers vertically and horizontally across many industries including construction and facility management.

  • Safest and the fastest way of transporting materials and or passengers on construction sites
  • Ability to move items and people easily
  • Increased productivity and avoids manual handling
  • Reduced costs as less labour required

  • Rack and Pinion Hoists - Our GEDA rack and pinion hoists have been designed for the transportation of goods and people to heights of up to 100m. Perfect for almost all vertical lifting requirements in the construction industry.
  • Wire Hoists (Scaffolding Hoists) - designed to be used on construction sites our wire rope hoists are ideal for more compact lighter loads, and ladder sections can be set vertically or inclined with the option of a platform or universal bed. These hoists are ideal for roofing works or brickwork.
  • Bumpa Hoists - is an inclined elevator that can lift a range of materials such as bricks and roofing tiles in payloads up to 20kg continuously at four payloads at a time up to single or two storey buildings or scaffolding landing levels.
  • Gantry Hoists - Builders Gantry Hoists make an ideal solution to lifting, loading and transporting materials on building sites. Perfect for mounting on a roof top or even on scaffolding applications (where sites permit). Offering a larger lifting capacity than a standard Scaffold Hoist, our range of Gantry Hoists are available in 300kg lifting

After installation of the construction hoist, Rapid Hoists offers familiarisation for up to seven people. Also, we supply daily, weekly and monthly check sheets to our customers for them to carry out basic checks of the construction hoist equipment. Regular 6 months (goods and passenger hoists) or 12 month (goods only hoists) LOLER inspections are carried out. However we can be more flexible to site requirements if more regular inspections need to be carried out.

If you are still unsure which type of construction hoist you need for your project, then get in touch and our experienced team will be able to talk you through your options.

For more information read our top 5 things you must know about hiring your construction hoist

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