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Hire IMER TR-225 Scaffolding Hoist | 25m

Featured Model: IMER TR-225

Machine Type: Scaffolding Hoist

The IMER TR-225 is a lightweight scaffold hoist with a load capacity of 200kg. This electric hoist is used for lifting goods and materials with a swivel type design. Attached directly to scaffold to improve logistics by lifting loads quickly, this hoist saves time and reduces workload safely.

Scaffold Hoist features:

  • Extendable bracket - when fully extended the max safe working load is still 200kg
  • Quiet running - working at just 70db(A) ensures suitability for use in applications where noise levels are a concern
  • Trolley attachment available for use with a gantry
  • Wire-hook connection by Block and Wedge - locking the wire rope to the lifting hook using the block and wedge system ensures a safe and reliable connection
  • Anti-Rewinding System (ARS) device - system prevents the rope from winding on to the drum in the incorrect direction · Transformers and generators can be supplied on request.

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