5 tips to help ensure you purchase the correct access machinery

5 tips to help ensure you purchase the correct access machinery

Purchasing the right access machinery can ensure you have the machine you need to work at height, whenever you need it. With your own access machine, you'll never have to worry about finding the right machinery to rent or borrow on short notice. That being said, a bad purchase can cost you dearly and can seriously hinder your ability to compete.

Getting it right is essential, which is why we've put together some handy tips to help you purchase the right access machinery:

1. Assess the reality of your business

It's vital to understand your objectives. Are you trying to increase your productivity? Will the new equipment you're considering propel you to greater success? Will it streamline your processes? Lower your costs? Help you beat the competition? Do you have to buy new, or can you upgrade existing equipment and get the same benefits?

It's essential you answer these questions before buying. 

2. Be innovative

Innovation is the key to success in today's crowded and competitive market. Innovation is all about creatively reacting to change. Acquiring new technology and access machinery is a great way to improve efficiency and keep your business at the cutting edge.

New equipment can grant you greater efficiency and allow you to appeal to niche markets. Tell your clients that you're investing in innovation. It sends a very clear message to all, underscoring the fact that you are an evolving company looking to the future.

3. Consider the future

Look at your business' overall needs and decide which purchases will have the most benefit overall. It's easy to get tunnel vision and look at individual purchases. This results in short-term gains but often costs you further down the line when you realise something else would have been of greater benefit, or that you could have got one machine to solve two (or more) problems, and instead you bought one that only solves one. This can be costly and frustrating. Look at the big picture before purchasing anything.

4. Know what you're buying 

The internet affords you the ability to research everything. You can look up specifications, reviews and compare different machines quickly and easily. Trade shows give you the chance to get hands-on with the different access machines you have researched and see which fits you best. Forewarned is forearmed - do your research before you try things out. 

5. Keep training in mind

It's so easy to get carried away buying all these machines that you never see the real stumbling block: new machines often require specialist training. Some need specific licences for your staff members to operate them, others will be newer versions of machines they already know how to use. They may be similar, but your team will still have to learn the ropes and get used to the new machines. Factor in the time and expense of training and ensuring health and safety regulations are met.

Need advice on which access machinery is best for you and your business? Get in touch, we're happy to help!