GEDA 1500ZZP passenger goods hoist now available to hire

GEDA 1500ZZP - Passenger goods hoist

The GEDA 1500ZZP unites two different machines in one: a hoist for materials with a load bearing capacity of 2,000 kg, and a transport platform for material and persons. The GEDA 1500ZZP differs from the rest of the Rapid Platforms hoist fleet due to its larger platform size (1.45m x 3.30m) and greater lifting capacity (1,500kg when used in passenger mode or 2,000kg in goods only mode). In contrast to ordinary material hoists, for which the transport of people is strictly prohibited, the GEDA 1500ZZP may transport seven people in addition to goods as soon as it has been switched to the operating mode "transport platform".

Rack and pinion hoist - scaffolders and construction workers

The load platform of 1.45 x 3.30m offers enough space for bulky and heavy building materials and can provide workers with easy access up to the worksite instead of making several time-consuming climbs daily. These platform lifts are used by scaffolders, emergency personnel and construction crews to quickly and safely lift materials from ground levels to a designated height. Ideal for transporting both materials and personnel to elevated worksites, construction hoists eliminate the need for separate personnel and materials elevators. Whether on a new construction site or for a refurbishment project, the unit can be put to optimum use on all construction sites.

Rack and pinion hoist - free site surveys available

Prior to any installation, Rapid Platforms send their Hoist Managers to each site to undertake a free detailed site survey and work collaboratively with the customer, the scaffolding company and structural engineers. This will include power supply for the hoist, hoist tie fixings, scaffolding set up, tie loadings and access to the hoist position. Rapid Platforms also offer a full erect and strike service for all of the hoist fleet by NVQ qualified erectors who all carry CSCS cards.

LOLER and final checks

All hoisting operations are completed in accordance with current regulations and a risk assessment is undertaken prior to installation. Prior to handover, one of our supervisors will undertake a final check and complete the LOLER, Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). Thereafter regular inspections are carried out every 12 months for goods only hoists and every 6 months for goods and passenger hoists that are on hire. The Rapid hoist team react quickly to any issues that may occur on-site.

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