What happens on an IPAF Operator course?

If you've decided to book an IPAF course or you're about to go on one, this blog will give you an idea of what to expect.

The IPAF Operator course is a mix of theory and practical, designed to teach you how to manoeuvre, drive and position MEWPs safely and proficiently. The most popular course is the 3a and 3b course, which shows you how to operate scissor and boom lifts. However you can also go on our 1b course on trailer mounted, vehicle mounted and track mounted platforms.

It's important to get to your training centre on time with everything that you'll need for the day. This includes your hard hat, hi-vis jacket, steel capped boots and harness. We also recommend bringing gloves for all of the operator courses. Once you've signed in and have been shown to the classroom, help yourself to a drink, take your seat and get ready to learn.

From being able to identify different types of MEWPs to how to set one up, our instructors will run through all the information you need to get your PAL card. Make sure to ask about anything you're unsure of as there is a test at the end of the session to make sure that you have the knowledge you need to be safe when operating a MEWP. You'll have a practice go first so you know what to expect and then you'll be asked to take the proper test, which is multiple choice and consists of 30 questions.

After you've passed the test you'll get to enjoy a light lunch and suit up for the practical side of the day.

Once you've got your safety gear on you'll be taken over to the MEWPs that you're going to use. You'll be shown all the safety features as well as how to do a regular maintenance check.

You'll then step into the ‘driving seat' and practise steering your MEWP by avoiding some strategically placed cones. You'll do this with the MEWP in various positions so that you get the hang of driving it like you would on site. This is followed by the practical test where you get to show off your newly learnt cone avoidance skills and take the last step in gaining your PAL card.

For more information on our IPAF Operator courses or to book your place, call us on 01279 501501.