Work at height on ground that is rough and uneven

Let's suppose you need to work at height on ground that is rough and uneven – do you opt for a 4WD MEWP or a track mounted MEWP? Let's consider the pros and cons of each type of machine:

POINT LOADS: the wheels of a rough terrain MEWP will have a higher point load than a track mount so they are more liable to sink into softer ground.

MANOUVRABILITY: the ability of a track mount to climb up a steep gradient is second to none. It can make light work of mud and water and some can neutral turn (meaning that it can turn on itself – or "turn on a sixpence"). Thanks to their outriggers and the ability to level the chassis on uneven terrain, track mounts can go where a wheeled MEWP would never dare venture.

GROUND CLEARANCE: This is one area where a wheeled MEWP can have the advantage due to the greater distance from the ground to the underside of the chassis. However, with some track mounts you can raise the chassis to overcome this problem, so it's a case of checking that you have the right model to meet the requirements of the site.

MACHINE DELIVERY AND COLLECTION: A 4WD wheeled MEWP will normally need to be delivered and collected by the hire company but you can transport a track mount yourself if you have a trailer, as long as your driving licence permits trailer towing (this is not an issue for pre 1996 driving licences).

SPEED OF OPERATION: A wheeled MEWP boom will in some cases raise faster than a track mount MEWP, but more importantly has the ability to travel at height. When a track mount is positioned with its outriggers in place it is fixed in that position so cannot be moved around a site as quickly as a wheeled MEWP.

OVERTURN RISKS: Most track mounts would be "wander led" into position over uneven ground, meaning that the operator would not be in the MEWP, therefore mitigating the risk of injury should the MEWP get into an overturn position.

Therefore when you take all these factors into account, track mounts come out the winners over rough terrain wheeled MEWPs.

Our track mount fleet has working heights from 14m to 30m. We're always happy to help you specify the correct machine for the job in hand, so call us on 01279 501501 to find out how we can meet your requirements.