1a IPAF Training Course

1a IPAF Training Course

IPAF 1a Static Vertical operator training for IPAF Category 1b cherry pickers.

This training course covers the operation of Static Vertical access platforms. The IPAF 1b category covers MEWPs where the work platform projects vertically and travelling is only allowed with the MEWP is in its transport position.

IPAF Course Details

IPAF training courses generally last 7-8 hours combining a morning of access equipment theory with an afternoon of practical assessment. Book this course online to take place at our modern facility near Stansted Airport, or alternatively complete the contact form if you have a group of candidates and require on-site training. Candidates must bring PPE including safety shoes, high-visibility jacket, safety harness and adjustable restraint lanyard.

Successful candidates receive an IPAF PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) covering the operation of 1a MEWPs which is valid for 5 years from the date of training. Candidates also receive an IPAF certificate, safety guide and log book.

Full joining instructions will be sent by e-mail before the training date.