IPAF 1B Training

IPAF 1B Training

IPAF 1b Static Boom Training Course

This course trains operators in the safe use of access equipment; successful candidates who pass the written and practical exams receive an IPAF PAL Card (Powered Access Licence). IPAF cards covering the operation of 1b MEWPs are valid for 5 years from the date the IPAF training course was completed.

IPAF Course Details

IPAF training courses generally last 7-8 hours combining a morning of cherry picker theory with an afternoon of practical assessment. Candidates must bring PPE including safety shoes, high-visibility jacket, safety harness and adjustable restraint lanyard. Full joining instructions will be sent by e-mail before the training date.

All online bookings are for IPAF Operator level training courses. Rapid Platforms do offer on-site training and all IPAF categories at Instructor and Demonstrator level; for more details on these options please call us on 01279 501501 or complete the contact form below.