IPAF Safety Harnesses Training

IPAF Safety Harnesses Training

Safety harness training course specifically designed for access platform operators.

When an operator is using a cherry picker with a boom, the Risk Assessment should identify the requirement for a safety harness, suitable lanyard and what training the operator should have received.

Safety Harness Course Content

The IPAF safety harness training course teaches operators how to select, inspect, adjust and fit, use, store and dispose of safety harnesses and lanyards. The IPAF harness course also covers thorough examination requirements as per the LOLER Regulations 1998.

Successful candidates will have an 'H' added to their operator IPAF PAL card as proof that they have completed safety harness training.

Harness Course Details

This course will take place at Rapid Platforms IPAF Rental+ accredited training centre near Stansted Airport and last for approximately 3 hours. We offer on-site training for small groups of trainees - if you would like one of our trained and experienced IPAF instructors to visit your site, please call us on 01279 501501.