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Bumpa Inclined Elevator


Reach Height - 7.00m

Power - Electric 0.75kw

Lifting Capacity - 20kg


The time consuming, manual handling of loading heavy tiles to roof height becomes quick and easy with a Bumpa loading machine. The Bumpa hoist uses a continuous action which makes the loading of tiles and other materials much more efficient. Hiring this hoist for your building project will ensure you comply with current UK regulations that states you must provide mechanical means for handling repetitive loads rather than relying on manual labour.

Available in 8m the Bumpa also comes powered by a 110v Honda petrol engine. Weighing in as little as 89kg, the Bumpa is easily manoeuvrable by two people, even on the most difficult of sites. The Bumpa hoist is quick to erect and can lift a range of materials such as bricks and roofing tiles in payloads up to 20kg continuously at four payloads at a time. From single to two storeys, the Bumpa's a must for every roofer and builder.

Bumpa Hoist Features:

  • Capable of moving 1000 tiles in under 25 minutes
  • Machine weighs 89kg
  • Powered reverse to strip valuable salvage down straight from the roof
  • Can be used to move tiles, fittings, rolls of felt, lead, blocks, bricks, mortar and more
  • Maximum lifting capacity 80kg

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